cupping massage

this treatment encourages blood flow and promotes cell repair throughout the entire body. using suction manipulation methods, cupping massage creates fluidity between our bones, muscles, tendons and fascia.


cupping therapy + acupressure

static cupping eliminates muscle soreness by decreasing stagnation and increasing blood flow in the body. “pain occurs where there is stagnation, remove the stagnation and you will remove the pain.”


fascial stretch therapy

improve functionality through a deep stretch and flexibility treatment. FST treats joint health and improves muscle/sport performance while reducing likelihood of injury. fascial stretching is beneficial for correcting posture, rehabbing injuries and achieving optimal health.



experience a deeper state of relaxation through reflexology massage. this treatment naturally flushes out toxins and releases overall tension by targeting specific nerve endings found in the foot and/or hand.


swedish massage

currently unavailable

relax your body from head to toe. enjoy a light and rhythmic massage that eases muscle tension, mental strains and relaxes all of your scenes. take a break from reality and pamper yourself.